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The Talent, The Tools And The Tenacity: We have it all.

Talent and Experience

Licensed by the Florida as a Private Investigation Agency, Nolin, West & Associates has the professional experience and acumen to dig beneath the surface and find the hidden.  Although especially adept at surveillance, the agency offers a comprehensive range of investigative services.  When you spend more than three decades developing relationships with various agencies, data providers and other industry insiders, you learn what sources you can count on for specific and pertinent information.  It’s more than a gut feeling: it’s experiential knowledge that makes the difference.


It’s often said that information is the world’s most powerful asset and nowhere is this truth more evident than in the field of Private Investigation.  Nolin, West & Associates knows how to use the latest data providing services, investigative procedures and other industry procedures to find the information you’re looking for and more importantly knows how to interpret it!  From simple and traditional surveillance, including photographic evidence to extensive data services and innovative tricks of the trade, Nolin, West & Associates  possesses and utilizes tools that get the job done.

Tenacity and Honesty

The fact is that the majority of our business comes from referrals and repeat requests from existing clients. Nolin, West & Associates delivers results, providing the real and honest answers to questions our clients couldn’t discover on their own.  Attorneys, businesses, insurance companies and others throughout Nassau County, Florida and surrounding areas continually trust in Nolin, West & Associates for all their investigative needs.  This is a trust that comes from seeing the results of Nolin, West & Associates tenacious dedication time and time again.  You don’t become successful as a Private Investigator without getting the job done. Nolin, West & Associates gets results and his clients know it.


  • Private Investigations in Yulee
  • Social Media Profiles in Yulee
  • Asset Investigations in Yulee
  • Background Investigations in Yulee
  • Pre-Employment Investigations in Yulee
  • Criminal Investigations in Yulee
  • Private Investigator Concierge in Yulee
  • Celebrity / Executive Protection in Yulee
  • Difficult Subpoena Service in Yulee
  • Due Diligence in Yulee
  • Internet Dating in Yulee
  • International Investigations in Yulee
  • Litigation Support in Yulee 
  • Locating Witnesses in Yulee
  • Nanny / Childcare Investigations in Yulee
  • Risk Management Analysis Survey in Yulee
  • Spouse Infidelity in Yulee
  • Surveillance in Yulee
  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) in Yulee
  • Threat Assessment Analysis in Yulee
  • Activity Checks in in Yulee
  • Alive & Well Checks in Yulee
  • Asset Searches in Yulee
  • Background Checks in Yulee
  • Beach Bar Spotters in Yulee
  • Florida Bug Sweeps in Yulee
  • Catfish Investigations in Yulee
  • Cell Phone Forensics in Yulee
  • Recovering Deleted Text Messages in Yulee
  • Child Custody Investigations in Yulee
  • Florida Computer Forensics in Yulee
  • Recovering Deleted Data in Yulee
  • Counter Surveillance in Yulee
  • Bug Detection Services in Yulee
  • Criminal Defense in Yulee
  • Difficult Process Services in Yulee
  • Infidelity/Matrimonial Investigations in Yulee
  • Insurance Investigations in Yulee
  • Locates in Yulee
  • Recorded Statements in Yulee
  • Secret Shoppers in Yulee
  • Surveillance Services in Yulee
  • Text Message Recovery Services in Yulee
  • Undercover Investigations in Yulee
  • Witness Locates in Yulee
  • Workman's Comp Investigations in Yulee
  • Private Detective Services in Yulee
  • Asset Searches in Yulee
  • Case Review and Evaluation in Yulee
  • Civil Case Investigation in Yulee
  • Criminal Defense Investigation in Yulee
  • Death Investigation in Yulee
  • High Profile Case Investigation in Yulee
  • Locate a Person in Yulee
  • Murder Investigation in Yulee
  • Process Service / Subpoena in Yulee
  • Subscriber / Phone Trace in Yulee
  • Witness Interview / Statement in Yulee
  • Background Investigation in Yulee
  • Child Custody or Safety in Yulee
  • Consultant Criminal Cases in Yulee
  • Criminal Prosecution in Yulee
  • Divorce / Family Law in Yulee
  • Infidelity Investigation in Yulee
  • Missing Persons in Yulee
  • Personal Injury in Yulee
  • Spousal Support in Yulee
  • Surveillance Investigation in Yulee
  • Worker's Compensation in Yulee